With the kids heading back to school in T-minus 140 hours (but who’s counting) I’ve been thinking that a little road trip to Ikea might be in order. I’m not a huge Ikea fan, but I definitely like some of their more modern pieces, including their rugs. Did I mention that I’ve changed my mind on our bedroom rug? I know, I was as shocked as you are.

Last fall I purchased a rug for $39.99 from Walmart. It was plain and beige, but I figured it would add texture and warmth on the cheap. But then my husband landed a really great job, and suddenly the whole world of rugs opened up. O.k., that was a gross exaggeration, but the world of rugs that cost more than $39.99 opened up.

There are two rugs in the running for our bedroom, and as with my door mats, I already kind of have my heart set on one.

So here is option #1, the Stockholm Rand rug from Ikea, which retails for $229.

And here it is in action in the home of my absolute favourite blog in the entire world, The Brick House:

I am in love with (the author of The Brick House) Morgan’s amazing sense of style, and quirky decorating. I actually sat up one night until like, 3 am, reading her blog from the very beginning. I know. I’m a blog stalker.

Anyways, here is option #2 for our bedroom rug, aka, my favourite rug, and the one that I will buy no matter what anyone else says about it:

These are Koldby cowhides, available at Ikea for the bargain basement price of $299! Yeah, I know, it’s expensive for my usually frugal self, but I think that’s all the more reason to splurge. That, and it will last literally forever.

You could google cowhide rugs and find a million different examples of them being used in real homes, but what do you know, I found an example of one on my favourite blog. I swear I wanted a cowhide in my room before I stayed up all night and saw that Morgan has one.

I’m leaning towards a hide with brown tones rather than a black and white hide, though either would look good in my room. I wish I could find them for $50 on Craigslist like Morgan did. Unfortunately my local Craigslist boasts mostly furniture that looks as though an animal vomited on it repeatedly.

Both cowhides and the Stockholm Rand have been used by designers a million times (again, evidence of which is just a google search away), but since I’m looking to pack a modern punch into the room via the rug, these really are about as economical as it gets.

Here are a few rugs I might choose if money were no object:

Jonathan Adler’s Southampton rug, retailing at $1080

Jonathan Adler’s Orange Herringbone, retailing for $1500

Jonathan Adler’s Black Greek Key rug, retailing for $2,200

Now $300 doesn’t seem like so much, right? And did I mention that it will last forever?

Ok, so as I’ve already admitted, not one room in our home is completely finished. I have a running list for each and every room of tasks to complete, and products to purchase. The only room that has not been touched since we moved in, is our master bedroom. And when I say “hasn’t been touched”, I mean the walls are coated in white primer, and there is masking tape around the trim. Yeah.

So anyways, in my typical “I love to start projects, and not finish them” style, I thought it would be a great time to begin working on my and my husband’s room.

Last fall I came across this photo in the November 2009 issue of Style at Home magazine, and fell in love with the wall colour:

(Style at Home magazine)

The paint is listed as Farrow & Ball’s Chinese Blue 90, and retails from $73 per gallon…. a little too much for this girl.

The closet I could get was a colour called Cayman Bay, made by Behr and available at The Home Depot.

Unfortunately this jerk stole my paint chip and coated it with peanut butter.

So here are some (unskilled) photos of my room in the process of being painted.

And here is what I’ve dreamed up for my “escape the kids” room:

Stay tuned for my trademark slow progress and last minute design changes…..

Yesterday I enjoyed a brief but fun filled trip to our local Winners/Homesense store. In between chasing Isabella, reminding Abigail a million times not to touch things (usually as she was holding something breakable) and asking Hayden to please stop walking into my camera shots, I actually managed to take a few pictures of pretty things.

This office chair is fantastic. Too bad I don’t have an office.

I also love these desk accessories. Again, no use for them. Notice Isabella wandering off at the right of the picture.

They had a great selection of pretty and inexpensive lamps that I would love to bring home if I hadn’t already filled our home’s lamp quota.

Here are a few of the beautiful sheet sets and duvet covers that were in store.

They had a huge selection of mirrors that were reduced. I’m working on a large DIY mirror for my bedroom makeover, but I almost caved and bought one of these lovelies.

This white mirror was HUGE…

Unfortunately, so was the price tag!

I love this dog bed, and it would be perfect for our miniature daschund, Max.

Hello, handsome….

And finally, here are two different ideas I had for the door mats for my front and side entrances.

Option #1 is only $14.99 and looks great, but may be a little too small.

Option #2 is $49.99, which is a little more than I wanted to spend, especially since I need two. But look at them. Oh ehm gee, they are so nice! My only concern is that I live in Canada, and I’m not sure how well these fantastic little goat hides would hold up to wet, slushy boots and road salt. Like the other mat, I wish that they were a little bigger…. like maybe the size of a calf hide. But I think a goat hide rug at my entrance would look fantastic.

I wish that there was a way that I could shop without kids in tow. My husband works from home, so even though he’s here, he’s too busy to supervise the little monsters. Isabella is 2, and a little devil. This is the kind of thing she does if you take your eyes from her for even a few minutes…..

I’ve been spending most of my time on interior decorating, and have completely neglected the exterior of our home. But that is all about to change! This fall I’m planning on sprucing up the front of our home.

This is the before picture:

And here is what I’d ideally like the after picture to look like:

In reality, I probably won’t be installing the lovely stone walkway, and of course, it will take the garden several years to mature and look like the photoshop picture, but painting, sealing the driveway and gardening are all on my fall to-do list!

(This ol’ gal could use a little lovin’)

Last August, my family and I moved back to our hometown, and into our little rental home. We hope to purchase our own home in a few years, but in the mean time, this house suits our large family perfectly.

The location is ideal; close to a beautiful wooded park, a skateboard park, and just a few blocks from our children’s school. We can walk downtown in only about 15 minutes on a beautiful scenic bike trail, and we have a large private yard for our children to play in.

The home itself, a little bungalow built in 1959, is surprisingly spacious on the inside, with 2 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. It has a rec. room in the basement, a storage room, and even a cold cellar!

The past year I have worked to clean, organize, decorate, and furnish our little home. I’ve accomplished a lot, but have yet to completely finish even one room! This is partially due to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, and partially due to money not growing on trees.

I created Adorn on a Shoestring to chronicle the decorating choices I make for my home, share ideas and inspiration, and introduce you to my family.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay!