Lately I’ve noticed that I have absolutely no time to myself.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  I used to love to read and sew and, I don’t know…… have friends. But now it seems all I do is take care of my family.  Which is a great job and I love them, and all that crap, but good lord, it gets tiring when you’re doing it all by yourself. My kids are smart, and funny, and really great human beings in general…. Read more »

I have been procrastinating about making a to-do list for the house since we bought it, and figured that with only three days left until we get the keys, I had better start doing some planning! We only spent a short amount of time walking through the house before we purchased it, so I’m sure this list is going to grow once we get into the house and take a second look. TO DO KITCHENShort Term: paint inside of cabinets… Read more »