I thought I’d take a moment to show you all a dresser that I worked my DIY magic on.  About a year ago I was given a really ugly dresser.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but here’s a dresser with similar wood apliques.  I found it by googling “ugly 1970’s dresser.” My first impression was, “Ew.  No thanks.”  Sometimes it’s difficult to look at something and see that it could ever be anything other than an ugly piece… Read more »

You may (or may not) remember a previous post I made about my plans to fix up our cold cellar.  Our damp, dark, musty, spider- filled cold cellar. Here are a few shots of what the cold cellar looked like before: So gross!!  I would’ve loved to replace the shelves, but I have a lot of other, more important things to spend my husband’s money on. 😉  Strangely enough, the cold cellar is in my teenage son, Liam’s room.  Every time… Read more »

(Just kiddin’ honey!)Everyone, I’d like you to meet my husband, Mike. Recently Mike was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which primarily affects his neck.  Now,  that would be a terrible diagnosis for anyone, but for him it’s been especially hard because Mike is a journalist and spends most of his time hunched over his laptop, writing.  He was in constant, excruciating pain and knew he had to do something other than eat Advil like it was candy to improve his condition. So… Read more »

Last year, while reading an article featured in Style at Home magazine about homeowner Devorah Lithwick and her husband Seth Mandell’s Toronto home, I came across an image of a light fixture that Devorah made for her son’s nursery, and fell in love. In case you don’t have your reading glasses on, it’s a bird cage with little birds in it. The article states that Devorah saw a similar fixture in a shop for $800, and decided to make her… Read more »

Hi everyone…. I’ve had a crazy busy week, so sorry for not posting anything even mildly interesting all week. I’ve been so busy with school, the kids, packing and spending our holiday weekend at my parent’s cottage, that I didn’t have a single moment to blog. So I thought I’d post a bit about my living room today. A few years back, I was really into Country Living magazine, and my home was full of antiques and shabby chic decor…. Read more »

Another checkmark on the never-ending list of decorating “to-dos”: The gallery wall in our room is complete. For now. Unless I find artwork that I like even more than these pieces, at which point I will toss these ones in the garage after a short and heart-felt, “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. First I laid the frames out on a big sheet of paper, traced them and marked where the nails need to go. Then I taped the template… Read more »

That’s actually part of my job description around here. Head repurposer of ugly crap. 😀 Since I don’t have a lot of time to blog again today (Hayden has made it her mission this year to join every club and extra-curricular activity offered at her school) I thought I’d show you something that I recently picked up for $1 and repurposed. Over the course of the summer I slowly and painstakingly re-finished a very ugly dresser. I’m not showing that… Read more »

Sorry for my delay in posting today. It’s been one of those days…… Meet Isabella: No doubt you’ve probably seen a photo or two of her on this here blog. When I was pregnant, I decided to make a quilt for her. I had planned on making one for a girl, and one for a boy, since we weren’t finding out the sex of our baby, however, I only ever got around to making the girl blankie. Here are a… Read more »

I don’t have a lot of time to blog today because my kids are home for a P.A. day (hip hip…. ), so I thought I’d quickly tell you about an easy DIY project that I completed. The first thing you’re going to want to do is go and buy a huge print of an ugly painting. The bigger the better. It should be a print, because you don’t want lumpy bumpy oil paint on the surface. These are along… Read more »