Things finally feel like they’re starting to come together around here! We’ve had a very busy couple of months, and are moving forward on more than one renovation project. Here are a few of the highlights of the last few months: I decorated the outside of our home for the first time this Christmas with items that I picked up last January for 75% off. I love the simple decorations, and the clear lights lining the roof edges. I’ve been… Read more »

Work has been steadily progressing on the veranda, so I thought I’d give you a little update. The railings are on, and just need to be trimmed. I finally finished stripping the beams today.  What a big, crappy job in the crazy heat wave we’ve been experiencing!  I literally had sweat dripping down my body the entire time I worked!  I guess it didn’t help that I used a heat gun to strip the paint, lol. I am so not… Read more »

Hey everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  We had beautiful weather this weekend, which was nice since it was my sweet little lady’s 3rd birthday AND Ribfest! My kids just love going to Ribfest, and look forward to it all year. Isabella enjoying the wading fountain at Ribfest on her 3rd birthday I also got a tonne of work done on the veranda, which I’ll be showing you later this week.  We’re getting very close to being ready to… Read more »

Hi faithful blog readers!  Sorry again for barely blogging all week!  I’ve been so busy around the house that I completely forgot to blog!  I’ve got lots to write about next week, so make sure you pop by and take a look! I thought I’d share a project with you that I completed a while ago.  I found a large artist’s canvas (3′ by 4′)  for $6.99 at a local shop.  I considered creating my own “Jackson Pollock,” until I… Read more »

Hey there Internet friends!  It’s been a busy week of renovation madness around here, and I figured I’d better get around to showing you some progress pictures of our veranda! Let’s take a look back at what the veranda looked like when we bought our house in December: Ugh, terrible and dangerous.  The roof was beginning to pull away from the brick.  No wonder, since it was being held to the bricks by nothing but 100 year old rusted nails!… Read more »

FINALLY my laptop is completely fixed, and I can start blogging again!  I have missed it so much!  Call me a computer snob, but I just can’t use anything but my Macbook! So as I’m sure you all can imagine, we have been extremely busy since I posted the tour of our main and upper floors.  The house is starting to (slowly) be transformed into the home that we dream of.  Ok, fine, the home that I dream of.  Mike… Read more »

In an effort to fool people who knock on my front door into thinking that we have a lovely home, I’ve decided to focus my renovation efforts on the front entrance hall. Because this is embarrassing: During the first 10 days we owned the house, with the help of our family, we managed to tear out most of the stuff we hated, refinish the hardwood floors, repair/replace drywall and paint.  Here’s one of the only shots of my brother drywalling… Read more »

Well, if you’re stopping by today for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not the tour of the upstairs could possibly be worse than the tour of the downstairs, you’re in luck! Ok, so here we go, up the green shag carpeted stairs.  If you value the health of your feet, you will keep your shoes on.  You really have no idea.  I wish I had a close-up shot of the carpet so you could really get a feel… Read more »