Ok, someone get the defibrillator….. Mike, I am not pregnant…. breathe! I do, however, have lots of friends who are right now, and some who are trying, and I’ve been searching for cool DIY gift ideas, and thinking about nursery designs. Here’s a round-up of my favourite baby related pins on Pinterest: Source: purlbee.com via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: craftyblossom.blogspot.com via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: flickr.com via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: weewonderfuls.com via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: en.dawanda.com via Chrystal… Read more »

Only four days left until we take possession of our new home!   I feel as though I’ve been packing non-stop for the last 2 months!  On top of packing, I’ve been planning a total re-design of the entire house, and have been putting lots of mileage on the new sewing machine.   I’ve missed blogging so much, and cannot wait to be into the new house and working on design projects again!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what… Read more »

Ok, so as I’ve already admitted, not one room in our home is completely finished. I have a running list for each and every room of tasks to complete, and products to purchase. The only room that has not been touched since we moved in, is our master bedroom. And when I say “hasn’t been touched”, I mean the walls are coated in white primer, and there is masking tape around the trim. Yeah. So anyways, in my typical “I… Read more »

I’ve been spending most of my time on interior decorating, and have completely neglected the exterior of our home. But that is all about to change! This fall I’m planning on sprucing up the front of our home. This is the before picture: And here is what I’d ideally like the after picture to look like: In reality, I probably won’t be installing the lovely stone walkway, and of course, it will take the garden several years to mature and… Read more »