I found a link to this site on Twitter this morning, and I am so excited to share it with you! Jessie Hyde and her husband, Mike, are fixing up their house on the cheap, and doing an amazing job! They have an extensive tutorial on making your own poured concrete countertops, as well as lots of other great articles. In fact, since reading her posts on her countertop, my Mike and I are actually thinking of making our own… Read more »

Word up, blog friends!  I thought I’d share another blog that I recently discovered, and fell in love with.  Chantelle Ellem is the author of Fat Mum Slim, where she blogs about her life and experiences. I normally just read a lot of design blogs, but something about Chantelle’s writing style is really captivating!  Her newly designed blog is just full of her own beautiful, unique photography, and everything is well organized into an easy to read format. Besides being… Read more »

Hey internet friends!  Today I’d like to introduce you to a blog that I stumbled upon yesterday.  How I did not know about this blog before now is beyond me, but I feel truly ashamed of myself. ModHomeEc is written by Shelly Leer, who holds a B.S. in Textiles and Design Education, and now teaches DIY-ers to “create, restyle and design” their own home furnishings at her studio in Indianapolis. Shelly also writes a weekly DIY column for The Indianapolis… Read more »

I thought I’d take a moment to show you all a dresser that I worked my DIY magic on.  About a year ago I was given a really ugly dresser.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but here’s a dresser with similar wood apliques.  I found it by googling “ugly 1970’s dresser.” My first impression was, “Ew.  No thanks.”  Sometimes it’s difficult to look at something and see that it could ever be anything other than an ugly piece… Read more »

With the kids heading back to school in T-minus 140 hours (but who’s counting) I’ve been thinking that a little road trip to Ikea might be in order. I’m not a huge Ikea fan, but I definitely like some of their more modern pieces, including their rugs. Did I mention that I’ve changed my mind on our bedroom rug? I know, I was as shocked as you are. Last fall I purchased a rug for $39.99 from Walmart. It was… Read more »