With the kids heading back to school in T-minus 140 hours (but who’s counting) I’ve been thinking that a little road trip to Ikea might be in order. I’m not a huge Ikea fan, but I definitely like some of their more modern pieces, including their rugs. Did I mention that I’ve changed my mind on our bedroom rug? I know, I was as shocked as you are. Last fall I purchased a rug for $39.99 from Walmart. It was… Read more »

Ok, so as I’ve already admitted, not one room in our home is completely finished. I have a running list for each and every room of tasks to complete, and products to purchase. The only room that has not been touched since we moved in, is our master bedroom. And when I say “hasn’t been touched”, I mean the walls are coated in white primer, and there is masking tape around the trim. Yeah. So anyways, in my typical “I… Read more »

Yesterday I enjoyed a brief but fun filled trip to our local Winners/Homesense store. In between chasing Isabella, reminding Abigail a million times not to touch things (usually as she was holding something breakable) and asking Hayden to please stop walking into my camera shots, I actually managed to take a few pictures of pretty things. This office chair is fantastic. Too bad I don’t have an office.I also love these desk accessories. Again, no use for them. Notice Isabella… Read more »

I’ve been spending most of my time on interior decorating, and have completely neglected the exterior of our home. But that is all about to change! This fall I’m planning on sprucing up the front of our home. This is the before picture: And here is what I’d ideally like the after picture to look like: In reality, I probably won’t be installing the lovely stone walkway, and of course, it will take the garden several years to mature and… Read more »

(This ol’ gal could use a little lovin’) Last August, my family and I moved back to our hometown, and into our little rental home. We hope to purchase our own home in a few years, but in the mean time, this house suits our large family perfectly. The location is ideal; close to a beautiful wooded park, a skateboard park, and just a few blocks from our children’s school. We can walk downtown in only about 15 minutes on… Read more »