Work has been steadily progressing on the veranda, so I thought I’d give you a little update. The railings are on, and just need to be trimmed. I finally finished stripping the beams today.  What a big, crappy job in the crazy heat wave we’ve been experiencing!  I literally had sweat dripping down my body the entire time I worked!  I guess it didn’t help that I used a heat gun to strip the paint, lol. I am so not… Read more »

Ready to see some of my latest thrift store finds?   First up we have a little table that you may recognize from a previous post.  I bought it for $4! Next is a vase, also from the aforementioned previous post, which was purchased for 50 cents. I picked up this cute portable record player for my husband for $10.  He’s been pouting ever since the kids broke his record player 6 years ago, so he’s pretty excited to dust… Read more »

As I may, or may not have told you, I hate the front door that came with our house.  It’s just friggin’ ugly. So Mike and I went to our local Restore, and bought an antique door.  The best part?  It came with antique hardware, which we plan to have re-keyed. I’ve been busily stripping our new door, and will soon begin sanding and painting it.  I can’t wait to see it’s bright green goodness welcoming people into our home!… Read more »

Hey everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  We had beautiful weather this weekend, which was nice since it was my sweet little lady’s 3rd birthday AND Ribfest! My kids just love going to Ribfest, and look forward to it all year. Isabella enjoying the wading fountain at Ribfest on her 3rd birthday I also got a tonne of work done on the veranda, which I’ll be showing you later this week.  We’re getting very close to being ready to… Read more »

Hi faithful blog readers!  Sorry again for barely blogging all week!  I’ve been so busy around the house that I completely forgot to blog!  I’ve got lots to write about next week, so make sure you pop by and take a look! I thought I’d share a project with you that I completed a while ago.  I found a large artist’s canvas (3′ by 4′)  for $6.99 at a local shop.  I considered creating my own “Jackson Pollock,” until I… Read more »

Hey everyone…. sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a few days.  Now that the kids are finished school for the summer, my workload seems to have increased tenfold.  The veranda renovations are taking up a lot of my time; check back later this week for an update on that project. So any-who, last weekend Mike (my husband, for those of you just tuning in) and I had dinner with an old friend and her boyfriend, and had such a great time,… Read more »

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!   We have a fun weekend planned!  Our city hosts free concerts in the park every Wednesday and Friday, so we’ll be walking the 10 minutes downtown to watch the concert and fireworks with the kids.  On Saturday, we’re going to an old friend’s house for a BBQ, and then Sunday we’ll probably get some more work done on the veranda, which, by the way, is looking fantastic!   Before the long weekend fun begins, grab a… Read more »

Word up, blog friends!  I thought I’d share another blog that I recently discovered, and fell in love with.  Chantelle Ellem is the author of Fat Mum Slim, where she blogs about her life and experiences. I normally just read a lot of design blogs, but something about Chantelle’s writing style is really captivating!  Her newly designed blog is just full of her own beautiful, unique photography, and everything is well organized into an easy to read format. Besides being… Read more »

Well, today is a busy day for me, because when the kids are finished school this afternoon, they’re done for two long months!  I both look forward to, and dread their summer holiday!  I enjoy having the kids home more, but the fighting and mess-making…. not so much. In bigger news, my (almost 14 year old) son, Liam, graduated from elementary school last night, and now I officially feel old!  I can’t believe I’m going to be the mother of… Read more »

Hey there Internet friends!  It’s been a busy week of renovation madness around here, and I figured I’d better get around to showing you some progress pictures of our veranda! Let’s take a look back at what the veranda looked like when we bought our house in December: Ugh, terrible and dangerous.  The roof was beginning to pull away from the brick.  No wonder, since it was being held to the bricks by nothing but 100 year old rusted nails!… Read more »