Lately I’ve noticed that I have absolutely no time to myself.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  I used to love to read and sew and, I don’t know…… have friends. But now it seems all I do is take care of my family.  Which is a great job and I love them, and all that crap, but good lord, it gets tiring when you’re doing it all by yourself. My kids are smart, and funny, and really great human beings in general…. Read more »

Do you love a good terrarium as much as I do?  Lately I’ve been seeing so many beautiful terrariums on Pinterest, that I’ve been dying to make my own. Here are a few of my favourites: Via Via Via Via     A few months ago, I found this really cool glass display case at Homesense, for only $16.  It was love at first sight, and I snapped it up! I used clear silicone to seal along every joint to… Read more »

Recently I stumbled across pictures of the upcoming Ikea Stockholm 2013 collection, and was totally stunned by how beautiful the pieces are!  Available in stores beginning in April, the collection is filled with stylish, functional furniture, textiles and glass wear. I’ve been planning on buying a vintage sofa and reupholstering it in green velvet or micro fibre, but now I’m thinking that I’ll be purchasing this lovely 3 seat sofa in Sandbacka Green. I am SO in love.  I wanted… Read more »

…..into my bedroom.  And also Hayden’s.  We knew that our roof would eventually need to be re-done, but we thought it was more like five years eventually, not next month eventually.  From the ground, the roof really doesn’t look that bad, so we thought maybe there was a chance that we could just patch the roof, but…. not so much.  From the tippy-top of the ladder, it looked like this: On the bright side, I’ve hated the brown shingles since… Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I am SO glad it’s Friday!!  We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here lately, so I’m really looking forward to going for a long walk downtown to get ice cream this weekend, and maybe having a BBQ!  I read so many amazing stories this week, that it was hard to choose just a few for my link dump! Check out these great posts that I enjoyed: How to Have an Adult Apartment on a Budget… Read more »

Last week I popped into Homesense sans children for a look around.  Man, was it nice to shop without having to worry the entire time that one of the kids would break something! Check out a few things I’d love to own from Homesense: This light would look ah-mazing in my upstairs hallway, and since it’s only $79.99, I foresee it hanging there in the near future! We don’t need any more lamps, but this one is so beautiful! ($59.99)… Read more »

I thought I’d share a simple recipe for my favourite sandwich today. A café in my town serves this sandwich, and has aptly named it ‘The World’s Best.” Since I first tried one last summer, after listening to my brother rave about them for months, I decided to just make them at home, since there’s really nothing difficult about them! The World’s Best Sandwich 2 slices of thinly sliced, toasted pumpernickel bread (like Dimpflmeier bakery’s Pumpernickel – Delicatessen Rye bread)… Read more »

Things finally feel like they’re starting to come together around here! We’ve had a very busy couple of months, and are moving forward on more than one renovation project. Here are a few of the highlights of the last few months: I decorated the outside of our home for the first time this Christmas with items that I picked up last January for 75% off. I love the simple decorations, and the clear lights lining the roof edges. I’ve been… Read more »

Ok, someone get the defibrillator….. Mike, I am not pregnant…. breathe! I do, however, have lots of friends who are right now, and some who are trying, and I’ve been searching for cool DIY gift ideas, and thinking about nursery designs. Here’s a round-up of my favourite baby related pins on Pinterest: Source: via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: via Chrystal on Pinterest Source: via Chrystal… Read more »

Ok, so I know I’ve said this a few times before, but this time I mean it.  I have finalized the colours that we’ll be painting our house!!  Yay!!  Below is our palette: And here is my attempt at a photoshopped picture of our house, for those of you who are visual learners: Of course, we won’t be painting the brick until next year, but I’m SO excited to finally have decided on a plan of attack!