Recently I stumbled across pictures of the upcoming Ikea Stockholm 2013 collection, and was totally stunned by how beautiful the pieces are!  Available in stores beginning in April, the collection is filled with stylish, functional furniture, textiles and glass wear.
I’ve been planning on buying a vintage sofa and reupholstering it in green velvet or micro fibre, but now I’m thinking that I’ll be purchasing this lovely 3 seat sofa in Sandbacka Green.
I am SO in love.  I wanted more of an apple green, as opposed to an emerald green, but I love everything about this sofa; especially the fact that it will save me from the hellish job of reupholstering it.
And this light fixture is pretty incredible:
More items from the Ikea Stockholm 2013 collection on my wish list: 
Want to see more?  Check out the video below
Behind the Scenes with the Creative Director of Stockholm Collection 2013, Viveca Olsson
Behind the Scenes with the Designer of Stockholm Collection 2013, Ola Wihlborg
Behind the Scenes with the Craftsman; A Stockholm Sofa Comes to Life
Check out the entire collection here.


3 thoughts on “Is It Just Me, or is Ikea Creating Nicer Collections Every Year?

    1. Chrystal Post author

      Oooh, I’m jealous!! We’re a few hours away from our closest Ikea, so we have to make a special trip. Which on second though, is probably a good thing, since I kind of suck at browsing, lol. 😛


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