…..into my bedroom.  And also Hayden’s.  We knew that our roof would eventually need to be re-done, but we thought it was more like five years eventually, not next month eventually.  From the ground, the roof really doesn’t look that bad, so we thought maybe there was a chance that we could just patch the roof, but…. not so much.  From the tippy-top of the ladder, it looked like this: On the bright side, I’ve hated the brown shingles since… Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I am SO glad it’s Friday!!  We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here lately, so I’m really looking forward to going for a long walk downtown to get ice cream this weekend, and maybe having a BBQ!  I read so many amazing stories this week, that it was hard to choose just a few for my link dump! Check out these great posts that I enjoyed: How to Have an Adult Apartment on a Budget… Read more »

Last week I popped into Homesense sans children for a look around.  Man, was it nice to shop without having to worry the entire time that one of the kids would break something! Check out a few things I’d love to own from Homesense: This light would look ah-mazing in my upstairs hallway, and since it’s only $79.99, I foresee it hanging there in the near future! We don’t need any more lamps, but this one is so beautiful! ($59.99)… Read more »

I thought I’d share a simple recipe for my favourite sandwich today. A café in my town serves this sandwich, and has aptly named it ‘The World’s Best.” Since I first tried one last summer, after listening to my brother rave about them for months, I decided to just make them at home, since there’s really nothing difficult about them! The World’s Best Sandwich 2 slices of thinly sliced, toasted pumpernickel bread (like Dimpflmeier bakery’s Pumpernickel – Delicatessen Rye bread)… Read more »

Things finally feel like they’re starting to come together around here! We’ve had a very busy couple of months, and are moving forward on more than one renovation project. Here are a few of the highlights of the last few months: I decorated the outside of our home for the first time this Christmas with items that I picked up last January for 75% off. I love the simple decorations, and the clear lights lining the roof edges. I’ve been… Read more »