Thanks to some very unusually mild weather in Ontario I’ve been able to finish up a lot of outdoor projects over the last week or so.  Today I finally put our house numbers up!

I really wanted these ones:
But at $6 a piece plus lots of shipping to get them to Canada, I just couldn’t justify the cost, considering all of the renovations that our house needs.
So I started thinking about a frugal alternative, and that’s when I remembered seeing wooden letters at Michael’s for just a little over $1 a piece.
For approximately $25, I bought all of the letters I needed.  Then came priming and painting, and screwing around on a wobbly ladder for an hour, and voila!  My new house numbers are up!

I love the way they turned out!  I also ripped the old eavestrough off the front of the porch, and the rotten wood underneath, and painted window frames and grates for our furnace.  Over all, it was a very productive day today!

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