Today’s post is just a quick little idea for thrifty artwork.

If you recall our “before” house tour, you’ll remember that Mike’s office is right off of our living room and front hall entrance.  Mike is an MMA journalist, and trying to incorporate artwork and stuff into his office space that I can live with being seen from other rooms is difficult.

Mike loves to collect old books, and over the years we’ve found several different vintage books about martial arts, which have really nice cover art.  I told Mike that I wished he’d let me rip the covers off and frame them, and then it hit me:

Why don’t I just colour photocopy them?!

I bought frames that look like they’re chrome, but are actually plastic from the dollar store for $2 each, and the photocopies were 60 cents each, so for approximately $9 (taxes… welcome to Canada) I managed to find artwork that both Mike and I like.

(Please forgive my horrible, wood filler-covered, un-painted trim.  I swear I will get to it eventually!)

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