Work has been steadily progressing on the veranda, so I thought I’d give you a little update.
The railings are on, and just need to be trimmed.

I finally finished stripping the beams today.  What a big, crappy job in the crazy heat wave we’ve been experiencing!  I literally had sweat dripping down my body the entire time I worked!  I guess it didn’t help that I used a heat gun to strip the paint, lol. I am so not looking forward to heading out into the heat to work again tomorrow, but I guess it could be worse; I could be suffering through Carmageddon, instead!  

Here’s the view from the street.  Unfortunately, by the time I remembered to take pictures, it was night time, so these aren’t the best shots in the world, but you get the idea.

I love, love, love the new columns!! I also ripped the metal flashing off of the large beam at the front and sides of the veranda roof.
I started stripping them late this afternoon, and I’m already almost done.  This was not my favourite job, since I’m terrified of heights.  Next I get to hold a belt sander over my head for hours on end to sand it all.  Yay!  

I wanted a wide stair set leading up to the house, so our new set are about twice as wide as the old set. We My dad still has two large posts and railings to add to the stairs.  They should look amazing when they’re done!  

I removed the ugly metal flashing that was covering the original wood door trim, so next I get to strip and sand that. 

But when I saw that original dental moulding that had been covered up, I knew it was worth it! I can’t wait to see it all repainted and with our new green door installed!

Because as I told you yesterday, I hate the hell outa this door.

I’ve already sanded all of the pickets, columns and handrails, but then I went around and re-filled any spots that were still too low, and little knicks and cracks that had been missed the first time, so now I get to go around and re-sand all of those spots.  But then it’s on to priming, and eventually, painting.  We also need to line the ceiling with tongue and groove to cover the roof trusses.
I can’t wait to see it all done!  We’ve had so many neighbours, and random people driving by stop to tell us what an improvement our new veranda is.  It feels really great to know that we’re helping to make our neighbourhood a nicer place.

Check back next week for another update on our veranda progress!
(Hopefully I’ll have something to show you ;))

One thought on “Veranda Progress

  1. alison

    what a major project…we also live in an old house that needs lots of tlc so i can identify with your pain…but it will be so worth it when you are finished.



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