Ready to see some of my latest thrift store finds?  

First up we have a little table that you may recognize from a previous post.  I bought it for $4!

Next is a vase, also from the aforementioned previous post, which was purchased for 50 cents.
I picked up this cute portable record player for my husband for $10.  He’s been pouting ever since the kids broke his record player 6 years ago, so he’s pretty excited to dust off the record collection!

I got this cute little owl for $1. 
This little pottery bird is made by Tremar U.K. and was purchased for $1.  

This cute little bowl was also $1.

As was this little hinged shell box.

This perfume decanter was from a fancy shop, and still had the original price tag of $29.99 attached.  I paid $4.

I love this cute little watercolour print!

I have a thing for old lamps.  This one was $6.

I got this cute little fan for $2 at a yard sale.

This pretty little urn was a whopping 50 cents.

And finally, one of my favourite purchases, and a story to go with it!  Last time my husband and I were in Montreal, there were lots of artists selling their beautiful watercolour paintings of Quebec, on the streets for $20 each.  I wanted to buy at least one painting, but then I started to think, “well, where am I going to put it?  Do I really need one?”  We didn’t get very far outside of Montreal before I started kicking myself for not buying a painting or two.  So about a year later, what do I come across in a local thrift store?  Not one, but TWO framed watercolour paintings of Montreal!  I was so excited, and even more excited when I realized that they were only $5 each!  

Happy thrifting, everyone!

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