Hi faithful blog readers!  Sorry again for barely blogging all week!  I’ve been so busy around the house that I completely forgot to blog!  I’ve got lots to write about next week, so make sure you pop by and take a look!

I thought I’d share a project with you that I completed a while ago.  I found a large artist’s canvas (3′ by 4′)  for $6.99 at a local shop.  I considered creating my own “Jackson Pollock,” until I remembered a t-shirt that I had recently seen.  Maybe you’ve seen it before…..

 I decided to make my own version of the t-shirt with my new canvas.  First I typed out the names of my family members in Microsoft Word, and played with enlarging the font until I found the size I wanted.  Then I printed them, and cut out each individual letter.
Then I traced each letter onto cheap MacTac that I bought from the dollar store.  After I finished tracing onto the MacTac, I then cut out each letter, like so….

It took forever….

Then I painted the entire canvas white, using a roller.  This is an important step, because if you have to touch-up the white letters, the paint will not perfectly match the white canvas unless you have painted it first.  
Once the paint was dry, I used my t-square to draw straight, evenly spaced lines along the canvas.

Then I peeled the backing from my MacTac letters and stuck them along my pencil lines like so:
After I pressed each letter firmly into place, rubbing along the edges of each letter, I then used black spray paint and painted the entire canvas.  

When I peeled the letters off I had to do a bit of touch-up with my white paint, but it turned out pretty well.  See for yourself:
Now it hangs in one of my favourite places in our house; the top of the upstairs landing:
Happy Friday, everyone!  See you Monday!

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