Word up, blog friends!  I thought I’d share another blog that I recently discovered, and fell in love with.  Chantelle Ellem is the author of Fat Mum Slim, where she blogs about her life and experiences. I normally just read a lot of design blogs, but something about Chantelle’s writing style is really captivating!  Her newly designed blog is just full of her own beautiful, unique photography, and everything is well organized into an easy to read format.
Besides being full of cute/funny/sad/witty/smart stories about her daily life and family, Fat Mum Slim also offers great recipes, and tonnes of blogging advice.  
For instance, this recipe, which I am totally going to try!
Plus, she has a totally adorable baby that she writes touching letters to.
No, really, go.  Right now.  I’ll meet you back here again tomorrow. 

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