Well, today is a busy day for me, because when the kids are finished school this afternoon, they’re done for two long months!  I both look forward to, and dread their summer holiday!  I enjoy having the kids home more, but the fighting and mess-making…. not so much.

In bigger news, my (almost 14 year old) son, Liam, graduated from elementary school last night, and now I officially feel old!  I can’t believe I’m going to be the mother of a high school student!  It feels like I was just in high school yesterday!  It also feels like just yesterday that I first dropped my little guy off at Jr. Kindergarten.  Here are a few shots of him on his first day:

 Liam told me that I couldn’t come to his graduation ceremony if I was going to cry, but I couldn’t promise anything.  I was also supposed to stand far enough away from him so that no one would know that I was his mom, but then he needed the car keys, so he was forced to talk to me in public!  Teenagers!

Here are a few pics of our night:

While Liam waited for his dad to finish getting ready, he went out to skateboard.  I just about had a heart attack.  Why, you ask?  Well, because Liam assured me that he owned at least one pair of black skinny jeans without holes in the knees from skateboarding.  Long story short, I discovered at 2 PM today that he does not.  So I had to go to the mall and buy him jeans, and then I got roped into West49’s “buy one get one for $15 off” deal, and by the time I left the mall, my wallet was considerably lighter.  I warned him that after tonight, the jeans are going away until fall, so I was about to kill him when I saw him skating in them!!  He is a damn good skateboarder, though, I’ll give him that!

I forced the kids to stand together for a picture.  Note how thrilled Liam looks.

 Liam didn’t want me to photograph him and his friends, but I reasoned with him that since all of the other moms were doing it, I should be allowed to do it too.  

Liam shaking hands with the principal.  Notice how he’s leaning away from her?  That’s because she hugged a bunch of students, so when she leaned towards him, Liam wasn’t taking any chances!  

I forced Liam to pose for a few more pictures after the ceremony.  I told him to be grateful that unlike the other moms I was just taking a picture of him, and not forcing him to get his picture taken with me while I hugged and kissed him.

I tried to make him smile, but the more I told him to smile, the more he scowled.

I cannot believe that my little boy is headed off to high school in the fall!  I am the mother of a high school student!?  Weird!  I’m going to have to practice saying that it the mirror until it feels natural! 😀
Congratulations, Liam!  Your dad and I are so proud of you!  I can’t wait to see where life will take you, and what you’ll make of yourself!  (No pressure)

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