Hey there Internet friends!  It’s been a busy week of renovation madness around here, and I figured I’d better get around to showing you some progress pictures of our veranda!

Let’s take a look back at what the veranda looked like when we bought our house in December:

Ugh, terrible and dangerous.  The roof was beginning to pull away from the brick.  No wonder, since it was being held to the bricks by nothing but 100 year old rusted nails!  
I could not wait until the weather warmed up to begin tearing it apart!  I started the demolition by tearing the railings off, but Mike and my dad (who was not very enthusiastic about being photographed for my blog) certainly finished it!
Well, a lot has happened since this photo was taken!  We’re not done, but we’re really getting there!

 We had to completely redesign the columns, since the bottoms were rotten and home to a colony of carpenter ants.  I absolutely love how they turned out!  In fact, I like them more now than I did before!

There’s still a lot of work to do, but the end is in sight!

9 thoughts on “Veranda Renovation Progress Report

  1. Amanda

    Looks wonderful, I’d just love a porch like this, must be so nice to know that soon you can sit outside with a cuppa watching the world go past! Great work.


  2. Weezie

    Lookin’ good! I grew up in a really old house and it seemed like we were always tearing apart and putting back together something. A lot of work, but totally worth it.

    P.S. Thanks for the add! I’m following back :)


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