Recently, my husband and I celebrated 15 years together.  It is so hard to believe that 15 years have passed so quickly.  I was only 18 when I met him; still a wild, crazy kid.  Don’t believe me?

Maybe this will help to paint a clearer picture of who I was:

Yeah, that’s me hanging off of a bridge.  And yes, my head is shaved.  This picture was taken by my friend Heather Saitz when she was first learning to use her camera.  Now she’s a successful photographer and graphic designer.  I’m sure that she could look at this picture now and find all of the technical faults with it that she didn’t find then, but I will always love and cherish this picture.  It just completely captures who I was at that period of my life.
 Check out Heather’s body of work here.
So where was I?  Oh, right….wild and crazy kid.  The first Christmas that my (now) husband Mike and I spent together, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we were determined to give each other a nice holiday. It’s funny that I forget a lot of the gifts that I’ve received over the years, but I can still remember what we got each other that first Christmas together.
So one of the things that I really wanted was tarot cards.  Yeah, I know.  As if you didn’t want some stupid stuff when you were 18.  Anyways, Mike gave me a beautiful set of tarot cards, and a beautiful book to learn how to read tarot cards.  I LOVED this gift, and was really into learning about tarot reading for about a year.  Then the cards sat in their case in our bookshelf.
Or they did, until about 3 years ago.
While decluttering, I came across the cards.  I knew I would never read another tarot again, but I just could not bring myself to get rid of them.  I’m not normally a sentimental person, but those cards represented something more to me, and I just couldn’t bring myself to drop them off at the Goodwill.
That’s when I came across a huge frame at Value Village for $8.  I bought a cheap piece of white (matte finish) bristol board from the dollar store, and mounted the cards to it using double-sided tape.  I spray-painted the frame black, and re-used the grey mat that came with the frame, and voila!  A cheap and easy way to display my first Christmas gift from my husband.
(This set of cards are called The Tarot of the Witches, and were featured in the 1973 movie Live and Let Die.)
Here are some close-ups of a few of the cards:

I still love the bright, vibrant, quirky artwork on the cards, and they look amazing in our bedroom.  Every time I see them I am reminded of the excitement I felt at beginning my life with my husband, and  of what a great life we’ve built together.

Not bad for $8!

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