In an effort to fool people who knock on my front door into thinking that we have a lovely home, I’ve decided to focus my renovation efforts on the front entrance hall. Because this is embarrassing:

During the first 10 days we owned the house, with the help of our family, we managed to tear out most of the stuff we hated, refinish the hardwood floors, repair/replace drywall and paint. 

Here’s one of the only shots of my brother drywalling the front entrance.  My entire family is afraid of ending up on my blog, so they all freaked out when they saw me coming with the camera.  I assured them that I wouldn’t use any of the pictures of them that I took. I’m smiling evilly right now.

Mike (aka Husband of The Year) meticulously sanded, stained, and sealed our original hardwood floors to this beautiful, rich, dark finish.  
Martha and I painted the walls Bedford Gray.

I purchased this little cabinet from Value Village for $12.99.

I love the woven veneer on the front.

I added a little of this:
And these…..

Then I took this lamp that I had in my basement,

and this cast iron frame that I bought from an antique shop for $25:
and this little dish from Goodwill for 25 cents:
and I added lots of elbow grease, spray paint and urethane, and ended up with this:
I still need to buy/make some sort of print with a witty/insightful/hilarious quote for the frame.
I also bought this hook for Lola’s leash from Petsmart:

Behind this door I found…..
The original 100 year old French doors that lead off of the front entrance!
Here’s a shot of how dirty and gross they were when I first brought them upstairs.  Notice the beautiful etching around the edges of the glass:

And here they are now, as seen from the front entrance hall:
The glass panels on either side of the French doors appeared to be patterned when we took possession of the house, and I fully intended to remove them. My mom discovered that they were just covered with an adhesive textured vinyl, and were beautiful glass panels with etched edges underneath!  
Here’s the view from the office into the front entrance, you know, because I’m anal retentive:
I made the coat racks that you can see on the wall with a 10′ length of baseboard trim, purchased from my local ReStore for $22, and some hooks that I purchased from Home Depot.
Currently I’m working on stripping and sanding the trim and stairs,
and making a D.I.Y. light fixture, because this just isn’t cutting it:

I’m thinking of numbering the stairs en français, like so, except with black treads:
But because I have Multiple Personality Disorder, I also like these:
 But until I decide, at least the front entrance looks better than it did!
We found the original trim that is supposed to be flanking the door in the shed, so we’ll be reinstalling that soon.  All of the trim will be painted white, if I ever finish stripping and sanding it all.  We’ve already bought an antique door to replace the above monstrosity with, and the window above the door is being replaced as well.  Eventually.
Well, that’s enough blog-crastination for one day.  I’m off to make things, paint things, sew stuff, and just be all-together crafty. 😀

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