Well, if you’re stopping by today for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not the tour of the upstairs could possibly be worse than the tour of the downstairs, you’re in luck!

Ok, so here we go, up the green shag carpeted stairs.  If you value the health of your feet, you will keep your shoes on.  You really have no idea.  I wish I had a close-up shot of the carpet so you could really get a feel for just how disgusting they were!

At the top of the stairs is the big beautiful landing.  This is one of my favourite spots in the house.
This floor grate is to allow the hot air to rise from the main floor. You can twist it to close the vent.  
Ok, so trying to see the cup as half full here….. the toilet, sink, tub, and tile are all new.  That means that we’re avoiding contact with bathroom facilities that have been used by disgusting frat boys, and therefore minimizing the likelihood of contracting any communicable diseases.  However, (and this is a big however) it is cheaply done, and altogether ugly and horrible.  
This window is nice, though.  The bottom half is frosted to protect our 60-something neighbour from having a heart attack.
My first thought when I saw this strange built-in was that it makes me kind of wish I still had a baby in diapers, because it sure would’ve been cool to have a huge change table in the bathroom!  On the other hand, I changed diapers for about 13 years straight, so I think I can live with using this cabinet for some other purpose.
This is Hayden’s room, and the smallest bedroom, at 9’6″ by 9′ 1″.  
I thought we’d never hear the end of it.  
I threatened to leave her room “as is” (and urethane over the chalk drawing of the Zig Zag man so that it could not be erased) if she didn’t stop complaining about how unfair it is that she gets the smallest room.  The choice was between having her own small room, or sharing a larger room with her 6 year old sister.  Not much of a decision!  
This is Abigail and Isabella’s room.  It’s 14′ by 9′ 6″.  When I first saw the upstairs windows, I figured I’d have to put bars on them to keep Isabella from pushing on the screens and falling out.  But then I realized that the screens cover the entire window, and the top portion of the window opens completely, so the bottom portion can remain closed.  
This is our room, which measures 15′ by 9′.  The real estate agent (who we later found out was also a part owner of this house) tried to tell us that the carpet was new.  Mike laughed and said, “Really? How many years ago was that?!”  Seriously, SO DIRTY!!
Now up the attic stairs, which are narrow and dangerous, but not nearly as much as the railing that Mr. Previous Owner built.  With no newel posts, the entire thing sways back and forth like a sheet drying on the line!  Stick to being a slimy real estate agent, dude, because you’re no carpenter!
In case you can’t tell what this shot is, it’s the two attic bedroom doors opened into the hallway.  Behind the doors is quite a large space (which I know, you can’t tell from this picture).  We tossed ideas back and forth about what this area could be used for, when suddenly it hit me; my office!  I always have to sew at the kitchen table, and blog in the living room, so this way I’ll have my own little space that’s out of everyones way.  And more importantly, everyone else will be out of my way!  
This is Ewan’s room, which is 15′ by 11′.  Inside his bedroom closet a lot of the students have signed their names, the dates that they lived in the house, and some messages.  I’m wrestling with whether or not we should cover the messages.  On one hand, it’s kind of a neat little bit of the house’s history.  On the other hand, messages like, “Smoke as much weed as you can, as often as you can,” are not really appropriate for a 9 year old. 😀

Across the hall is Liam’s room.  It’s also 15′ by 11′.  The carpeting upstairs was like what you’d find in a boat; like thick felt.  Also, every inch of it was covered with stains…. don’t even want to think about what they might have been from. 
Not sure why Liam brought his paint ball gun when he toured the house for the first time, but it reminds me of an entertaining story that our new neighbour told us about the house.  Apparently before the last group of students were evicted, they had a huge paint ball fight INSIDE the house.  They also told us that they threw a huge party with over 300 people at it last New Years Eve, which the cops broke up. Needless to say, they are thrilled that a family has finally moved in.  
The outside of the house needs just as much love as the inside, which hopefully we’ll begin to show it this Spring.  We plan to re-build the rotten front veranda, re-seed the lawn, lay a flag stone walk, and plant a garden.  Hopefully the following Summer we’ll paint the brick, install window boxes and replace the siding at the top with something a little more classic.

Here’s the back of the house.  The back porch is also rotting, and needs to be re-done, though what we’re actually planning to do is build on a small addition, which will then house Mike’s office (freeing up the dining room), and possibly a small mud room.  For now, I think ripping off the chip board “walls” and re-supporting the sagging post on the left of the picture will help us hold off until we can afford the addition.

Maybe some new steps as well.  Careful, midget!

I think I’ve been held captive by a serial killer in this shed in a nightmare before.  It was FILLED with garbage!  My parents gave us a door that they weren’t using, and I’m planning on giving the entire shed a new coat of paint and maybe some cute window boxes for the little windows. 

So there you have it.  Now you know what we’re dealing with.  Maybe some people would look at this place as no big deal to fix up.  Those people are not perfectionists like myself.  I don’t settle for less than what I want, and I would rather do something right and have it take a really long time to complete, rather than rush and not be satisfied with the results.  
Therefore, I think it’s only fair to inform you that this is going to be a long, long, LONG journey, which I can only hope will be worth it in the end.  I hope you’ll all visit often and share it with us!

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  1. Jen

    I went to at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario and this reminds me so much of the student houses there. It will be fun to see how you fix it up.


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