I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging for a while now, but I have been extremely busy working on our new home!  

(Sorry honey…. this would’ve been a lot easier 15 years and 25 lbs ago!)

The initial list seems to be growing by the day, and while we’ve been making progress, we don’t feel as if we’re accomplishing much. We have the enthusiasm, now if only we had an endless supply of time and money to accompany it, we’d be all set to go!  

So let me start by showing you what we saw on our main and basement floors on February 18th when we got our keys, and why we almost got back into our car and drove off into the sunset.

 You’ll understand when you see the pictures!  

 Inside the front door you’ll find some terrible patterned frosted glass panel windows, and of course, a city bus map.  No house is complete without a city bus map taped to the wall!

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the staircase from the bottom, but here’s one looking down it.  And  just in case you’re thinking that the wainscoting is lovely, let me clear that up for you.  It’s plastic exterior siding.  And it’s also on the ceiling in the entry, upstairs hallway, and pantry.   Not even kidding.   
Behold, the antique railing and lovely green shag carpet:
To the right of the front door, is Mike’s office (a.k.a. our future dining room).  Once upon a time, there were French doors here.

And here’s the view from the office, into the main entrance:

The living room with it’s huge antique cold air return vent cover, and an old electric fireplace destined for a new home:

The kitchen, with it’s beautiful plywood cupboards, laminate floors, wood paneling and multiple appliances, all of which do not function properly:

Check out the sexy gold-flecked laminate counter tops!  They come complete with stains, scratches, gouges, and even dry-wall screws through the top to help to hold the peeling laminate on!

This house has been a student rental for the past 20 years, and apparently, one of the students’ favourite pastimes was having knife-throwing competitions….. using the cupboard doors as their target.  Not even kidding.

Here’s the adjacent pantry, which is also the walk-through to the basement.  This is the view from the kitchen.  This window doesn’t look big in the picture, but it’s actually 6′ tall, including the casing!  The windows are one of the best features of the house.  They are all new, and all 6′ tall!

View of pantry from basement stairs.  Note the original built-in pantry on the right, complete with original hardware:

The downstairs bathroom, which will eventually be losing it’s shower and becoming a powder room.  I mean, seriously, who wants to shower in an itty-bitty bathroom, and then walk out into the kitchen, and traipse through the entire house in a towel?!  

Now cue the horror movie soundtrack, and I’ll take you down to the basement….. 

Watch your step on the broken, twisted, rickety staircase….please avoid stair # 5 altogether, unless you weigh under 60 lbs.

Wow, 2 broken dryers and a broken washing machine to go with the 2 broken fridges and broken stove you sold us with the house?! You are just too generous Mr. Previous Owner!  The only thing that made this better was when  I discovered that both of the dryers were stuffed with hockey skates, a smelly old tarp, and a collection of nasty smelling clothes.  Free lacy panties?!  SWEET!  Anything else you’d like to leave behind, kind sir?

A broken television too?!  What is this, my birthday?!

The only good thing Mr. Previous Owner left behind was this original 5 panel door to the attic, and what was behind it.  But you’ll have to visit back to find out what I found!

So that’s the big tour of the basement and main floor of our new home.  What the photos may or may not depict to you, the reader, is the amount of damage done by the students; the poorly repaired walls, worn floors, chipped trim with 100 years of built up paint, and numerous “fancy upgrades” (ie siding for wainscoting, a shower off the kitchen, and cheap baseboard molding used as crown molding, to name but a few) that will only take us a lot of time and money to put right.
But we’re in it for the long haul, and one way or the other, this house will someday be beautiful again.  Because one thing has been decided.
We are NEVER, EVER moving again.  EVER.  Mark my words, I will be taken out of here in a body bag.
With those cheerful words, have a great weekend, and check back on Monday for the tour of our second and third storeys!

11 thoughts on “Share the Despair: Our Main Floor "Before" Tour

  1. Le Chateau des fleurs

    You did such an amazing job ! Yes, a renovation is a lot of work and i would never move to if i had to go through what you are doing. You are lucky to have this great house. We are renting…Anyways…Love your blog ! Take the time to follow me back !


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