Today might quite possibly be my best Friday ever!  My littlest boy (Ewan) turns 9 today AND we get the keys (finally) to our new home! We have a tradition in our family that the birthday boy or girl can go to school if they choose, but have the option of staying home with Mike and I if they want to.  And who’s kidding who… no one has ever opted to go to school on their birthday!  Besides taking Ewan over to see the new house, we’ll be spending the day doing whatever he feels like doing.  I predict that today’s activities will include a trip to McDonald’s, Netflix, and Leggo.

So while I’m helping Ewan to build the Harry Potter Leggo castle, check out some of the posts that I enjoyed this week:

These mustache pops are so adorable, I might just send them to school for some other random classroom celebration!

Anne Marie of 10 Rooms explores photographer Anita Behrendt’s colourful photographs of Children’s rooms

I wish that I could talk my husband into marrying me again so that I could copy these fantastic wedding invitations!

Check out the absolutely beautiful bedroom makeover that designer Danielle Oakey completed for her daughter, Emory!

Holly Mathis blogs about some beautiful pillows

Visit House Tweaking for inspirational photos and DIY ideas

Aubrey & Lindsay blog about their favourite booth at the Interior Design Show

Want to make a diamond tufted headboard?  Read on.

Tart House.  One of my new daily reads.  

These floors! I could die happy if I had these floors in my house!

And also these floors, which I’ve been thinking of for our bathroom for quite a while now, and am therefore not a copycat.

I don’t need Valentine’s Day as an excuse to try this recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups!

What a transformation!!  I wish my kitchen looked like this!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
See you on Monday!

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