Today might quite possibly be my best Friday ever!  My littlest boy (Ewan) turns 9 today AND we get the keys (finally) to our new home! We have a tradition in our family that the birthday boy or girl can go to school if they choose, but have the option of staying home with Mike and I if they want to.  And who’s kidding who… no one has ever opted to go to school on their birthday!  Besides taking Ewan… Read more »

Lola, our new puppy is growing like a weed!  She now weighs a whopping 40 lbs, and is only 5 months old!  Since we brought Lola home, a strange thing has happened to me.   I’ve turned into “The Crazy Dog Lady”. (via) Every time I see my sweet puppy’s face I melt into a gooey puddle of love.  When I’m away from her, I can’t wait to get home to see her.  In the evening, I cuddle on the… Read more »

I’m guest hosting the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop today, so click on the pic below and link up your blog!Please leave me a comment with a link to your blog, and I’ll follow you back!

I have been procrastinating about making a to-do list for the house since we bought it, and figured that with only three days left until we get the keys, I had better start doing some planning! We only spent a short amount of time walking through the house before we purchased it, so I’m sure this list is going to grow once we get into the house and take a second look. TO DO KITCHENShort Term: paint inside of cabinets… Read more »

Only four days left until we take possession of our new home!   I feel as though I’ve been packing non-stop for the last 2 months!  On top of packing, I’ve been planning a total re-design of the entire house, and have been putting lots of mileage on the new sewing machine.   I’ve missed blogging so much, and cannot wait to be into the new house and working on design projects again!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what… Read more »