My husband and I have purchased our first home!!

It is a 5 bedroom, 2.5 storey Victorian on a quiet street.  It was previously a student rental, and needless to say, requires a little TLC.  OK, maybe it needs a lot of TLC.  Regardless, we are so excited to take possession and begin remodeling!  

Here are some sneak peek photos, taken from the original listing.

 We’re planning on painting the brick Martha Stewart’s Flagstone (which in reality, is more beige and less grey than this, but my scanner kind of sucks, as do my colour correcting skills):

 All of the trim (including the porch) will be painted Martha Stewart’s Ground Pepper:

The front door will be painted Martha Stewart’s Gabardine, which is a deep, rich blue:

And maybe then I’ll add a couple of Adirondack chair on the veranda:
 …..painted in Martha Stewart’s Dried Chamomile:

 I’ve always kind of hated Adirondack chairs,  but I have to admit, with a pillow or two, they are quite comfortable.

The main floor (except for the kitchen) has hardwood floors, but the bedrooms have been carpeted.  We plan to install hardwood one bedroom at a time, and finish the existing floors to match.  We’re thinking something like this:

The cabinets are old, and eventually we’ll be gutting and replacing all of the cabinetry, but until then, we plan to face them with trim, and spray them white, similar to this so that they’ll look like my dream kitchen, featured below:

I love this kitchen, and have spent many hours dreaming of it’s beautiful cabinetry, it’s dark flooring, and marble counter tops.   Eventually, I plan to own this kitchen.   Oh yes, it will be mine.

But right now, my new kitchen looks like this: 

Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Check out the ugly laminate flooring!  Eventually, I want it to look like this:

We also plan to extend our back porch (not pictured) and make it into a small addition, which will house Mike’s office.  Until then, the office will be in the front room (living room) and the living room will be in the adjoining room (dining room).  We’re going to install French doors so that Mike will have some measure of peace while he’s working.

Here’s the view from Mike’s office, into the living room:

Can you believe that the Realtor (who also owns the house) actually asked us if we wanted the furniture?!  Yeah, I’ve been dying for a lazy boy chair with a greasy hair stain on the headrest…..

Here’s the view of the front door and Mike’s office:

This is the  bedroom that Abigail and Isabella will share:

This room is one of the two attic bedrooms, and will be Ewan’s, after a considerable amount of work:

Here’s the upstairs bathroom.  What to say about it…..  Well, on a positive note, all of the tile is new, as is the vanity, tub and toilet.  Unfortunately, they’re all ugly.  This room will be completely re-done.  Eventually.  Unless I win the lottery, and then it will be done immediately.

These finishes would make this bathroom feel a little more like home:

Here’s the bedroom that will be mine and Mike’s.  It will be remaining almost the same colour of blue:

I have a lot more to share about our new home, and have been working on sample boards and some new design ideas to modernize this old house, which I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks and months.  I love our little rental house, but it sure will be nice to have the ability to change the things I hate, and truly make our home our own!

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  1. sarah_landry

    So soooo exciting Chrystal! Congratulations again! I can definitely see the potential! Our upstairs bathroom is actually that exact same colour of orange…blah!!! We've bought the paint to redo it but haven't gotten to it yet. I love the colours you've choosen for the exterior! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together!


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