You may (or may not) remember a previous post I made about my plans to fix up our cold cellar.  Our damp, dark, musty, spider- filled cold cellar.

Here are a few shots of what the cold cellar looked like before:

So gross!!  I would’ve loved to replace the shelves, but I have a lot of other, more important things to spend my husband’s money on. 😉 

Strangely enough, the cold cellar is in my teenage son, Liam’s room.  Every time I would open the door to the cellar, Liam would freak out because it smelled so musty and gross.  I used to tease him that if he didn’t get his room cleaned up, I would lock him in there.

It’s been a lot of work, but the cold cellar is finally finished!  
Pretty much.  
Enough to show you, anyways.

This very small room took one coat of a special primer for concrete, and then two gallons of latex garage floor paint.  I wanted to use oil paint, but the sales guy at Home Depot told me that he recommends latex, so I decided to follow his advice.  So he’d better hope that after all that work the paint job holds up.  Because I know where he works.

When I decided to finish the cold cellar, I started using up all of the food I had stored in there, so now I need to start re-stocking, one sale at a time.  Note the year-supply of Zoodles.

The chipped cinder block in the upper left-hand corner of the cold cellar needs to be patched or filled with spray foam, but that is for another day.

I picked up this cute little shopping basket today at Value Village for $2.99.  I figured it would come in handy for bringing food up to the kitchen from the cellar.

The shelf-fronts are painted with chalkboard paint.

Time to work on my penmanship. :S

The floor was painted with the same garage floor paint as the walls.  I then purchased a yard of wax cloth from JYSK, and sewed up this cute little floor mat.

This brass light fixture was another Value Village purchase ($3.99) and was meant to be a wall sconce, but I modified it to mount to the ceiling.  I still need to wrangle the cord, but it’s up!

These wooden bins were another JYSK purchase ($10 each), and were painted with garage floor paint as well.  I still need to paint chalkboard paint labels on them.

So that’s it!  One last thing I’d like to do is paint the entire inside of the door with chalkboard paint so that I can keep a running list of stuff I want to stock up on, but other than that, my cold cellar is finished and ready to be restocked!  

Ok, one last time, just for kicks….



The only downside of finishing the cold cellar is that I can no longer use it to threaten Liam with.  As he was watching me install the light tonight, he said, “Wow, the cold cellar looks great now.  I could sleep in there!”  😀

13 thoughts on “Cold Cellar Reveal

  1. Mandy Nadeau

    Wow! What an incredible transformation! Your cold cellar looks fantastic and you have such genius ideas, like using chalkboard paint for labeling and lists. You have one heck of a talent.


  2. Melly

    I love the DOT!!!
    Sper cute. Thanks for stopping by, I'm following back now too.
    Let me help you fill your pantry some more…visit us @
    to see the awsum coupons I have (dannon, pepsi to name a few) Plus DUACELL…who can't use that!!
    So stop on by & check it ot!
    Have a great day!


  3. Teri Eddy

    Wow! Very impressed! Are you a couponer? If so, you'll have that space filled on the cheap in no time. Nice job. I especially like the idea of using chalkboard paint for labeling. I'm always rearranging my shelves… that's a great idea.


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