I just love throw pillows, though strangely, I don’t own many.  
This is partly because my kids have a penchant for wrecking my stuff.  I can pretty much guarantee that within 15 minutes of arranging a new throw pillow on my sofa, it will be on the floor with some sort of unidentified stain on it, or serving as a dog bed for Max.  
Also, I’m cheap.  The thought of spending $50, $100 or (good God) more for a pillow makes me feel a little sick.

So I’m adding another ‘to-do’ on my perpetual list: make some new throw pillows for our home.  And I just might buy a few from some of the great Etsy shops below.  Some things, you just can’t duplicate.  Or you could, but on top of being cheap, you’re also lazy.  

Here are some great Etsy shops selling beautiful pillows for my child-less readers who aren’t cheap: 

Click the links to the Etsy shops for pricing and a wide selection of beautiful products!

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