(Just kiddin’ honey!)
Everyone, I’d like you to meet my husband, Mike.

Recently Mike was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which primarily affects his neck.  Now,  that would be a terrible diagnosis for anyone, but for him it’s been especially hard because Mike is a journalist and spends most of his time hunched over his laptop, writing.  He was in constant, excruciating pain and knew he had to do something other than eat Advil like it was candy to improve his condition.

So Mike designed and built a laptop stand to bring the screen up to his eye level and reduce the strain on his neck.  I know.  He’s so smart.  I can’t believe I get to keep him! 

Here are some shots of the materials and construction process:

And here’s the finished project:

Cost of materials: $12
Time to fabricate: 1 hour
Reduction in neck pain: priceless

14 thoughts on “The Ol’ Pain in the Neck

  1. Anna

    That’s awesome! My Mike is super smart when it comes to creating and building things, too. It’s like he just knows how to do everything. I wouldn’t even know where to begin as far as constructing something goes but it’s second nature for him. It’s baffling, really.


  2. Mandy Nadeau

    That’s very smart! I agree that he ought to patent the idea, I bet a lot of people could use one. My Mom has osteoarthritis in her spine and she has a laptop, I bet she would be thrilled with a stand like that. You’ve got yourself one smart cookie for a hubby. 😉


  3. Sabina Bint Benjamin

    Wow, my husband who is an IT specialist would love to have one of these. He doesn’t have osteoarthritis;however, he does spend a lot of hours in front of his pc and gets really bad migraines sometimes. I agree with the other commenters that Mike should patent and market this invention…Awesome!

    also thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a follow, I’m now happily following you :)


  4. Holly

    Oh-My-Stars! Did I just say that. This is genius. Can he make them and sell them. That is just genius! I am stopping over and following from twee Poppets!
    504 Main


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