Last year, while reading an article featured in Style at Home magazine about homeowner Devorah Lithwick and her husband Seth Mandell’s Toronto home, I came across an image of a light fixture that Devorah made for her son’s nursery, and fell in love.
In case you don’t have your reading glasses on, it’s a bird cage with little birds in it.
The article states that Devorah saw a similar fixture in a shop for $800, and decided to make her own. The magazine featured a side bar about a reader who made a similar fixture using metal and chicken wire, but I wasn’t big on the look of that one.

I searched online for “bird light” inspiration, and found this one from Anthropologie, which was way less than $800, but still way out of my price range:
Finally I decided to go ahead and attempt to make a light fixture for my daughter’s (Abigail and Isabella) bedroom. Unfortunately I made the fixture before I made my resolution to take “before” and “process” pictures, so all you’re going to get are a brief description and some “after” pictures.

First, I purchased an old lamp shade from the Salvation Army thrift store. Lucky me, there was a 50% off sale on lamps and shades that day, so I paid a whopping 50¢. I then purchased a roll of wire from the Dollarama, matte black spray paint from Walmart, and birds from Michael’s, Walmart, and the Dollarama. In total, the project cost about $25, though it would’ve been a lot less had I not purchased so many expensive birds from Michael’s before I realized that I could’ve bought them for less from Walmart and the Dollarama. Oh well, it’s still a cheap fixture at $25!

So basically, I stripped all of the old fabric off the lamp shade, then I cut lengths of wire and wired them to the shade, both vertically and horizontally to make the shade look like a cage. I then strung it up and spray painted it black. I wired the shade directly to the base of the ugly builder’s standard light that are in every room of this house. I stored the ugly glass shade in the storage room so it can be replaced when we move. All that was left to do was hunt down a few sticks from the wooded area of our backyard, and then hot glue the birds to them.

Here’s what I ended up with:

So there you have it! For approximately $25, you too could make a bird light fixture. Isabella absolutely loves birds, and every time I change her diaper, she looks up at the lamp and says, “I’m gettin’ my bum changed, birdies!” 😀
You can read more about Devorah Lithwick and her husband Seth Mandell’s beautiful home on the Style at Home website, located here.

19 thoughts on “Isabella’s Birdie Light

  1. Lisa

    You certainly reproduced that lamp with no problem! I love the “I’m gettin my bum changed birdies” LOL
    How cute.
    Love the lamp.. what a terrific and novel idea.


  2. Terrell

    This is seriously the cutest!! You’re so creative! Way to go! I am so excited to be your newest follower of your adorable blog, and I’d love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to show off your sweet creations at my weekly Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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