Hi everyone…. I’ve had a crazy busy week, so sorry for not posting anything even mildly interesting all week. I’ve been so busy with school, the kids, packing and spending our holiday weekend at my parent’s cottage, that I didn’t have a single moment to blog.
So I thought I’d post a bit about my living room today. A few years back, I was really into Country Living magazine, and my home was full of antiques and shabby chic decor. I don’t know what happened, but one morning I woke up, and instead of looking charming and comfy, my house looked like it belonged to an 80 year old woman. I had to do something, but didn’t have a lot of cash. I began slowly switching things out… small things at first, like picture frames, lamps and pillows, then eventually I replaced the furniture.
One of the things that I changed was my artwork. When we moved into our new place a year ago we began collecting posters from some of our favourite bands. This instantly made our room feel “younger”, and added a bit of our personalities to the space. So far, we have four posters, though one is too big for this wall, so only 3 have been hung. Eventually we plan to hang them wall to wall, totalling eight posters.
Here’s what the wall looks like so far:
(please excuse the reflection of Spongebob on the picture glass)


(only with all different posters, rather than all the same ones)

Ok, so it’s not the best Photoshop ever done, but you get the idea. My husband and I have been trying to decide on the final 5 posters that we’ll purchase.
We’re thinking:
Pearl Jam
Queens of the Stone Age

Broken Social Scene


and maybe:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Band of Horses

We bought a Rage Against the Machine poster, but I didn’t check the measurements before ordering (duh), so it’s big. No idea where I’m going to hang it. This is the one:
The frames are 16 ⨯ 20 in poster frames from Walmart, and cost about $16 each (CDN). I’m not big on collecting things, but it feels like Christmas every time we get a new poster in the mail! I think I could easily get carried away with collecting concert posters, and end up covering every square inch of wall space with them!

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