You may (or may not) remember a previous post I made about my plans to fix up our cold cellar.  Our damp, dark, musty, spider- filled cold cellar. Here are a few shots of what the cold cellar looked like before: So gross!!  I would’ve loved to replace the shelves, but I have a lot of other, more important things to spend my husband’s money on. 😉  Strangely enough, the cold cellar is in my teenage son, Liam’s room.  Every time… Read more »

TGIF!!  I have lots of plans for this weekend!  I need to finish the cold cellar, plant the front garden, and finish some half-finished furniture. Then there’s buying/making Halloween costumes, and shopping for winter coats, since it was snowing this morning.  Ugh. Ugh to both snow, and winter coat shopping with my insanely fussy children.  I’m also planning on making caramel apples with the kids, which I can then use to bribe them both to cooperate with me on purchasing… Read more »

I just love throw pillows, though strangely, I don’t own many.   This is partly because my kids have a penchant for wrecking my stuff.  I can pretty much guarantee that within 15 minutes of arranging a new throw pillow on my sofa, it will be on the floor with some sort of unidentified stain on it, or serving as a dog bed for Max.   Also, I’m cheap.  The thought of spending $50, $100 or (good God) more for… Read more »

(Just kiddin’ honey!)Everyone, I’d like you to meet my husband, Mike. Recently Mike was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which primarily affects his neck.  Now,  that would be a terrible diagnosis for anyone, but for him it’s been especially hard because Mike is a journalist and spends most of his time hunched over his laptop, writing.  He was in constant, excruciating pain and knew he had to do something other than eat Advil like it was candy to improve his condition. So… Read more »

What a beautiful weekend we had in Ontario!  After a cold and rainy week, we were definitely due for some mild and sunny weather.  Our weekend was full of sleepovers, a visit to the pumpkin patch, homework (for me), dinner with my husband’s mom and step-dad and a walk to downtown for some window shopping and ice cream.  Here are a few shots of our wonderful weekend: Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

I have procrastinated my housework all morning just so that I could work on this post to dazzle all of blogland.  Or at least the handful of you who actually read my blog. 😛   Unfortunately, it’s time for me to get up and power clean, since 4 of my 5 children are having a friend sleep over tonight.  That makes 9 children in my home.  Yay. So while I’m running around here like a lunatic, those of you who… Read more »

Last year, while reading an article featured in Style at Home magazine about homeowner Devorah Lithwick and her husband Seth Mandell’s Toronto home, I came across an image of a light fixture that Devorah made for her son’s nursery, and fell in love. In case you don’t have your reading glasses on, it’s a bird cage with little birds in it. The article states that Devorah saw a similar fixture in a shop for $800, and decided to make her… Read more »

On a recent trip to my local St. Vinny’s, I came across what appear to be two original John Haymson pen and watercolour paintings. They are about 3′ ⨯ 1′, and honestly, if they aren’t original paintings, they’re the best prints I’ve ever seen. I had no idea who John Haymson was when I bought the paintings; I just knew I loved them. Here’s a little background info on the artist: John Haymson was born in Austria in 1902. He… Read more »

Hi everyone…. I’ve had a crazy busy week, so sorry for not posting anything even mildly interesting all week. I’ve been so busy with school, the kids, packing and spending our holiday weekend at my parent’s cottage, that I didn’t have a single moment to blog. So I thought I’d post a bit about my living room today. A few years back, I was really into Country Living magazine, and my home was full of antiques and shabby chic decor…. Read more »