Another checkmark on the never-ending list of decorating “to-dos”:
The gallery wall in our room is complete. For now. Unless I find artwork that I like even more than these pieces, at which point I will toss these ones in the garage after a short and heart-felt, “It’s not you, it’s me” speech.
First I laid the frames out on a big sheet of paper, traced them and marked where the nails need to go. Then I taped the template onto my bedroom wall where I wanted them to hang, like so:

Then I hammered nails into the spots I had marked, like so:

Then gently removed the paper, like so:

Then I just hung my thrifty finds on the wall, and voila! The gallery wall that I have spent the last 4 months procrastinating is finished in less than 20 minutes!

And I even spent the time to go around the room and touch up all the paint. Here are some shots of my thrift store art:

Little flower saucer:
Cost: $1.99

Hand painted tiles:
Cost: $1.99 each

Board-mounted print:
Cost: $2.99

Fall landscape scene:
Cost: $3

Water colour of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris:
Cost: $3

(Yes, I know this is a crappy shot. Give me a break, I’m not a photographer!)

Round Mirror:
Cost: $10

Our bedroom is getting dangerously close to becoming the first room in the house that is entirely finished …..after a year of living here. Which is kind of embarrassing. I think it’s time to play the, “I have 5 kids, and go to school” card. 😀

Make sure to come back for the big reveal, coming soon!

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