That’s actually part of my job description around here. Head repurposer of ugly crap. 😀
Since I don’t have a lot of time to blog again today (Hayden has made it her mission this year to join every club and extra-curricular activity offered at her school) I thought I’d show you something that I recently picked up for $1 and repurposed.
Over the course of the summer I slowly and painstakingly re-finished a very ugly dresser. I’m not showing that to you today. Instead, I’m going to show you something that was originally ugly that I picked up to put inside the dresser. Intrigued? No? What-evs. I’ve gotta be at a cross country meet in 20 minutes, so this is what you get. 😉
What was once an ugly little display unit for a bitter old woman’s knick knacks is now……
My fantastic jewelry storage device:

All I did was coat the entire thing with 2 coats of Minwax stain in Bombay Mahogany, and filled it up! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for another ugly knick knack display unit, since I still have one remaining unused drawer, and a lot of jewelry!

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