Today I’m cleaning.
I much prefer to decorate than to clean, but unfortunately, it has to be done. Once my house is decorated pretty much the way I want it, I actually keep a very clean, organized home. But when it’s in transition, like it is right now….. not so much. Whenever I’m feeling particularly unmotivated, I normally spend some time checking out blogs and websites devoted to cleaning and organizing. I also try to catch an episode of Clean House, Hoarders, or How Clean is Your House. Those shows could motivate anyone to get off their butt and clean!
These are some of my favourite sites that inspire me to clean and organize:
Get Organized! : this is a fantastic blog, full of helpful articles to help you gain control of your home and life.
Organized Home: this site is full of great information, from making your own cleaning products, to saving energy, to creating a holiday plan.
Flylady : the Flylady system basically teaches you to gain control of your life through making and sticking to routines. When I first found this site, I thought it seemed a little hokey. But once I got into it, I was amazed that by sticking to my routines, my home was clean all the time.
The Clean Sweep’s Housecleaning Blog: housekeeping help and home organization tips from a professional cleaning company.
Simple Organized Living: this site offers loads of advice to manage time and money and control clutter, as well as recipes and info to make your house a home!
Unclutterer: this site has well written, interesting articles. One of my favourite features of the blog are the “One year ago on Unclutterer” posts, where links are posted to even more interesting articles that new followers would otherwise miss out on.
Creative Organizing: organizing and productivity expert Aby Garvey shares tips, tricks and workshops to help you get more organized.
Get Organized Now! : tips to help you get and stay organized.
Life Organizers : this site has an insane amount of information to help you “organize your life”. This site is really does offer everything you need to tame clutter, and organize your home.
Organized Families : a blog dedicated to helping moms help their families to get organized. This blog has some really unique ideas to family organizing issues.
365 Days of Organization: this blog has nice short little tips and monthly to-do lists.
Neat & Simple Living: ideas and resources for living well with ADHD, creative personality and chronic disorganization tendencies.

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