I cannot believe that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.
It went so much faster than I thought it would. I wish I could go back and do it all over again, much, much more slowly.
This is Liam and my husband, Mike, on the day Liam was born, 13 years ago today:

I was very sick after Liam was born, so the nurses took him to the special care nursery. They told me to buzz them whenever I wanted to see my baby. I buzzed them so often during the first 24 hours that they finally gave up trying to keep us apart, and let me keep him in my room!

We were so excited to be parents!

Here are a few pictures of Liam as he grew:
Liam giving me my birthday cake. I was turning 22. Twenty-two.

He just loved his car bed! This picture was taken right after we finished setting it up. He was so excited! It was a sad day when we had to say goodbye to it.

Liam helping his daddy to put together his new book shelves.

Liam in his He-man halloween costume:

Liam at the park. We spent so many countless hours wandering through the forrest and playing at that playground.

Liam at the beach.

Mike, Hayden and Liam at the Toronto Zoo.

Mike, Liam, Hayden and Ewan at the beach.

Ewan, Liam and I at the beach.

Ewan, Liam, Hayden and Abigail on Christmas morning, 2004.

Liam dressed up as Harry Potter. Liam was obsessed with Harry Potter at one time. Mike once made Liam a realistic looking invitation to attend Hogwart’s, and left it outside his bedroom door. We figured that Liam would know that it was just pretend. We heard him rustling around in his room shortly after he found the invitation, and went in to find him packing his suitcase! He was so furious when we told him that it wasn’t a real invitation, and that it was just to play with, that he cried and freaked out and slammed his door! We felt so terrible!

And here he is now.
Good God, how did he get so big?! He is only an inch or two shorter than I am, and his feet are 3 sizes bigger than mine! This was the closest I could get to getting him to smile for the camera:

The kid doesn’t like getting his picture taken. What are you gonna do?
Today I am filled with a mixture of emotions; sadness that he’s not a little boy anymore, fear of what lies ahead, but also excitement, pride and joy. I was so very young when I had him, but I loved him ferociously from the moment I laid eyes on him.
Happy Birthday, Liam. I am thankful every day to have you for my son, and proud of the young man you’ve become.

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