With the kids heading back to school in T-minus 140 hours (but who’s counting) I’ve been thinking that a little road trip to Ikea might be in order. I’m not a huge Ikea fan, but I definitely like some of their more modern pieces, including their rugs. Did I mention that I’ve changed my mind on our bedroom rug? I know, I was as shocked as you are.

Last fall I purchased a rug for $39.99 from Walmart. It was plain and beige, but I figured it would add texture and warmth on the cheap. But then my husband landed a really great job, and suddenly the whole world of rugs opened up. O.k., that was a gross exaggeration, but the world of rugs that cost more than $39.99 opened up.

There are two rugs in the running for our bedroom, and as with my door mats, I already kind of have my heart set on one.

So here is option #1, the Stockholm Rand rug from Ikea, which retails for $229.

And here it is in action in the home of my absolute favourite blog in the entire world, The Brick House:

I am in love with (the author of The Brick House) Morgan’s amazing sense of style, and quirky decorating. I actually sat up one night until like, 3 am, reading her blog from the very beginning. I know. I’m a blog stalker.

Anyways, here is option #2 for our bedroom rug, aka, my favourite rug, and the one that I will buy no matter what anyone else says about it:

These are Koldby cowhides, available at Ikea for the bargain basement price of $299! Yeah, I know, it’s expensive for my usually frugal self, but I think that’s all the more reason to splurge. That, and it will last literally forever.

You could google cowhide rugs and find a million different examples of them being used in real homes, but what do you know, I found an example of one on my favourite blog. I swear I wanted a cowhide in my room before I stayed up all night and saw that Morgan has one.

I’m leaning towards a hide with brown tones rather than a black and white hide, though either would look good in my room. I wish I could find them for $50 on Craigslist like Morgan did. Unfortunately my local Craigslist boasts mostly furniture that looks as though an animal vomited on it repeatedly.

Both cowhides and the Stockholm Rand have been used by designers a million times (again, evidence of which is just a google search away), but since I’m looking to pack a modern punch into the room via the rug, these really are about as economical as it gets.

Here are a few rugs I might choose if money were no object:

Jonathan Adler’s Southampton rug, retailing at $1080

Jonathan Adler’s Orange Herringbone, retailing for $1500

Jonathan Adler’s Black Greek Key rug, retailing for $2,200

Now $300 doesn’t seem like so much, right? And did I mention that it will last forever?

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