Ok, so as I’ve already admitted, not one room in our home is completely finished. I have a running list for each and every room of tasks to complete, and products to purchase. The only room that has not been touched since we moved in, is our master bedroom. And when I say “hasn’t been touched”, I mean the walls are coated in white primer, and there is masking tape around the trim. Yeah.

So anyways, in my typical “I love to start projects, and not finish them” style, I thought it would be a great time to begin working on my and my husband’s room.

Last fall I came across this photo in the November 2009 issue of Style at Home magazine, and fell in love with the wall colour:

(Style at Home magazine)

The paint is listed as Farrow & Ball’s Chinese Blue 90, and retails from $73 per gallon…. a little too much for this girl.

The closet I could get was a colour called Cayman Bay, made by Behr and available at The Home Depot.

Unfortunately this jerk stole my paint chip and coated it with peanut butter.

So here are some (unskilled) photos of my room in the process of being painted.

And here is what I’ve dreamed up for my “escape the kids” room:

Stay tuned for my trademark slow progress and last minute design changes…..

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