Yesterday I enjoyed a brief but fun filled trip to our local Winners/Homesense store. In between chasing Isabella, reminding Abigail a million times not to touch things (usually as she was holding something breakable) and asking Hayden to please stop walking into my camera shots, I actually managed to take a few pictures of pretty things.

This office chair is fantastic. Too bad I don’t have an office.

I also love these desk accessories. Again, no use for them. Notice Isabella wandering off at the right of the picture.

They had a great selection of pretty and inexpensive lamps that I would love to bring home if I hadn’t already filled our home’s lamp quota.

Here are a few of the beautiful sheet sets and duvet covers that were in store.

They had a huge selection of mirrors that were reduced. I’m working on a large DIY mirror for my bedroom makeover, but I almost caved and bought one of these lovelies.

This white mirror was HUGE…

Unfortunately, so was the price tag!

I love this dog bed, and it would be perfect for our miniature daschund, Max.

Hello, handsome….

And finally, here are two different ideas I had for the door mats for my front and side entrances.

Option #1 is only $14.99 and looks great, but may be a little too small.

Option #2 is $49.99, which is a little more than I wanted to spend, especially since I need two. But look at them. Oh ehm gee, they are so nice! My only concern is that I live in Canada, and I’m not sure how well these fantastic little goat hides would hold up to wet, slushy boots and road salt. Like the other mat, I wish that they were a little bigger…. like maybe the size of a calf hide. But I think a goat hide rug at my entrance would look fantastic.

I wish that there was a way that I could shop without kids in tow. My husband works from home, so even though he’s here, he’s too busy to supervise the little monsters. Isabella is 2, and a little devil. This is the kind of thing she does if you take your eyes from her for even a few minutes…..

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