(This ol’ gal could use a little lovin’)

Last August, my family and I moved back to our hometown, and into our little rental home. We hope to purchase our own home in a few years, but in the mean time, this house suits our large family perfectly.

The location is ideal; close to a beautiful wooded park, a skateboard park, and just a few blocks from our children’s school. We can walk downtown in only about 15 minutes on a beautiful scenic bike trail, and we have a large private yard for our children to play in.

The home itself, a little bungalow built in 1959, is surprisingly spacious on the inside, with 2 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. It has a rec. room in the basement, a storage room, and even a cold cellar!

The past year I have worked to clean, organize, decorate, and furnish our little home. I’ve accomplished a lot, but have yet to completely finish even one room! This is partially due to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, and partially due to money not growing on trees.

I created Adorn on a Shoestring to chronicle the decorating choices I make for my home, share ideas and inspiration, and introduce you to my family.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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